Severity: important

Hi ftp-gurus,

I am not sure what part of the whole system is just messed up, but it
is. Today I uploaded texlive-{base,lang,extra,bin} and biber, all in the
same dput call.

All packages but texlive-lang were accepted.

texlive-lang was cryptically rejected because whoever claimed that 
texlive-lang-japanese was missing, which wasn't. At least dput told me
that it did upload it.

Then, after a few hours, I re-uploaded texlive-lang, only to get a very
helpful message that I have to change the timestamp of the package for

I refrain from uttering my opinion, but I expect that I can upload a
package that has not been accepted into Debian, and that the timestamp
should not be a limiting factor.

Besides that, it would be nice to see why on earth dput was happily
uploading the packages, but whatever super program is running on the
other side decided to ignore texlive-lang-japanese.



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