Hi Mattia,

thanks for your answer. The third upload after resigning the changes
file finally succeeded, nothing else has changed, though. 
So it is fine to ignore the rest of the email, as it will anyway not
help lift the veil of darkness.



> Please don't assume that the system is broken.
> Today, like any other day, thousands of uploads were processed just
> fine, just to prove that the system is not broken.

Indeed, but out of some reason one package wasn't ;-)

> It's *far* more likely that something you did was not ok.

  dput *.changes
  # wait, drink coffee, do real company work, ...
  # see that dput succeeded in uploading
  # happily moved on to different things
  # get rejection email

> Please report the *exact* error message, together with your .changes
> and .dsc (if any).  Without it's pretty useless for anybody to speculate

The original error message was:
  texlive-lang_2018.20180313-1_amd64.changes: Refers to non-existing file 
  Perhaps you need to include the file in your upload?
(see https://lists.debian.org/debian-tex-maint/2018/03/msg00038.html)

The changes and dsc files haven't changed between the previous and the
current (successful) upload. The only change I made was re-signing the
changes (.buildinfo,..).

> If I had to speculate on something it would be about Packages-List not
> containing the package, but who knows.

No, it was the other way round, the package list mentioned a file that
was somehow lost during transfer, although dput duly uploaded it and
said so. See above.

Sorry, I am not so paranoid to make logs of dput calls ;-) It is quite
good in telling me if I messed up something (like forgot to sign etc),
so I trust that if it finishes and puts a foobar.ftp-master.upload file
parallel to the changes file, I assume it is all settled.

All the best


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