Quoting Alex ARNAUD <alexarn...@hypra.fr>:
What is your version of Debian? What installed add-ons do you have?

Debian version is "testing".

Installed plugins (out of my head):

 * xul-ext-scrapbook
 * xul-ext-ublock-origin

Also from Debian testing.

I don't have the issue you describe with Firefox ESR on Debian 8 "Jessie".

IIRC, I already had this problem on Jessie. I even thought, I
filed a bug once, but I couldn't find it anymore.

Firefox developers think also to user of Windows and Mac and you could install add-ons outside of the Debian repository so the check shouldn't be an issue if it works properly.

Maybe the check can be skipped, if only distro-plugins are present.
No idea, whether it is easy to find out.

What does the check do anyway? Does it try to connect upstream?
If so, this would be a privacy breach and must not happen at all
or only after explicite opt-in.


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