everything has been rebuilt and the transition is mostly green. 

I don't know if the transition will enter testing successfully without 
requesting RM for libkolab before. libkolab is dead, so RM for sid and testing 
is suitable. But as libkolab is currently needed for kdepim-runtime 17.08.3 is 
should not be removed before kdepim 17.12.3 enters testing.

The other package not recompiled for kdepim 17.12.3 is digikam, if that blocks 
the transition to testing make a temporarily remove  in testing. The 
maintainer of digikam suggested this and will upload a new version in the next 

As I forgot one move I needed to update kdepim-addons 17.12.3-2. It failed for 
armhf . I rebuild on a porterbox (abel.d.o) without any issue. So it should 
just rebuilt for armhf.

 gb kdepim-addons . armhf

As the kdepim transition blocking Qt transition I added lisandro to CC list. 
Maybe after rebuilding kdepim-addons successfully on armhf we do an aging to 
not block Qt transition.

On Montag, 2. April 2018 00:45:18 CEST Emilio Pozuelo Monfort wrote:
> On 02/04/18 00:39, Emilio Pozuelo Monfort wrote:
> > On 01/04/18 16:14, Sandro Knauß wrote:
> >> Hey,
> >> 
> >> after uploading kdepim, the buildds had built KDE Pim 17.12.3
> >> successfully for amd64 and i386 (other archs are still building).
> >> 
> >> Now we needs some binNMUs. I don't know, do I need to use a separate bug
> >> for those requests or is it the correct way to file the wb actions just
> >> here inside the transition bug?
> >> 
> >> KGPG need to recompiled too as Akonadi has/had some issues with building
> >> on many archs (because of the dep to python). So KGPG got compiled
> >> against the old kdepim 17.08, just amd64 and armel were fast enough.
> >> Still archs do not built kdepim completely, so the BD are not available
> >> on the archs yet, so you may want to set dep-wait for those packages.>> 
> >>   nmu kgpg_17.12.3-1 . ANY -amd64 -armel . -m 'rebuilt against kdepim
> >>   17.12.3' dw kgpg_17.12.3-1 . ANY -amd64 -armel . -m
> >>   'libkf5akonadicontact-dev (>= 4:17.12.3~)'>> 
> >> and kjots and zanshin needs to get rebuilt. As those are not inside
> >> kdepim, they needs to get rebuilt on any architecture.>> 
> >>  nmu kjots_5.0.2-1 . ANY . -m 'rebuilt against kdepim 17.12.3'
> >>  dw kjots_5.0.2-1 . ANY . -m 'libkf5akonadinotes-dev (>= 4:17.12.3~),
> >>  libkf5kontactinterface-dev (>= 17.12.3~)' nmu zanshin_5.0-1 . ANY . -m
> >>  'rebuilt against kdepim 17.12.3'
> >>  dw zanshin_5.0.-1 . ANY . -m 'libkf5akonadicalendar-dev (>= 4:17.12.3~)'
> > 
> > Scheduled.
> BTW I had to fix all your commands because of the bad versions... Next time
> try to get them right, or don't specify the version at all (it's optional).
> Emilio

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