Hi Francesco,

2018-04-02 17:31 GMT+02:00 Francesco Poli <invernom...@paranoici.org>:
> I noticed that you removed yourself from the uploader list, but I was
> hoping someone else from the Debian Science Team was going to step in
> soon... Is this not the case?  :-(

Well, I hope also.

>> I am not using it any more
> Because you no longer have the need to perform data visualizations?
> Or because you now use some other similar package?
> I am not aware of any other comparable package in Debian, but maybe you
> are: that's why I am asking...

Please see here [1].

[1] https://lists.debian.org/debian-science/2017/10/msg00078.html

>> If you really want it to be fixed (as well as export to AVI), feel free
>> to join our team and provide some patches.
> This is difficult, I lack the time and I don't know how long will it
> take to get the expertise required to maintain such a package...

Debian Science Team members are usually very helpful if somebody
is trying to solve technical questions.

>> Otherwise paraview is the good
>> candidate to be dropped from the next release.
> Assuming this is not an April Fool's Day prank, I am very worried by
> this danger. I really hope this won't happen!

Some packages can live many years without maintainer.
But ParaView is too large and complex to use this opportunity.
If RC-bugs will not be resolved on time - any package is being
removed from the testing, and later - does not go to release.

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