Package: pygtk
Version: 2.24.0-5.1
Severity: normal
Usertags: g-home

pygtk sets G_HOME=/ in d/rules to avoid FTBFS under a non-standard build
> 14:02 < DktrKranz> pochu: install b-d as always, plus fakeroot
> 14:02 < DktrKranz> then, "su bin", and debuild

G_HOME was a Debian-specific workaround for old versions of GLib not
respecting HOME. Since GLib 2.36, GLib functions that look for the home
directory *do* respect HOME. GLib >= 2.36 is available in oldstable, so
I'd like to remove the G_HOME hack now.

Please investigate whether this is still needed, and if it is, set HOME=/

I'm not going to let this block removal of the G_HOME patch unless it
causes FTBFS in sbuild, because pygtk is RC-buggy anyway (it is
unmaintained upstream since 2011 and should no longer be in Debian).


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