Control: reassign -1 lxpanel 0.9.3-1


On Thu, Apr 05, 2018 at 03:33:20AM +0200, xvapiew asdfoq wrote:
> That meaning I use debootstrap+chroot do these things,so I 99% sure no one 
> terminal is installed.(except some terminal marked as 'core' ,and so on)

Please provide the exact commands you run, otherwise reproducing what
you claim is at least a bunch of guesswork, if not impossible.

So, what did I do to verify that this isn't a bug (in apt)?

# debootstrap sid debbug-894828-apt-install-lxde-core
# chroot ./debbug-894828-apt-install-lxde-core apt install lxde-core -s -o 
Debug::pkgDepCache::Marker=1 &> /tmp/install.log

Inspecting the /tmp/install.log indeed shows no install of lxterminal,
but of another x-terminal-emulator provider: vala-terminal. Why is that?
That is why I added the debug option… the relevant output:

   MarkInstall lxde-core:amd64 < none -> 9 @un puN Ib > FU=1
     MarkInstall lxpanel:amd64 < none -> 0.9.3-1 @un uN Ib > FU=0
       MarkInstall vala-terminal:amd64 < none -> 1.3-6+b1 @un uN Ib > FU=0

So lxpanel provided that "choice", looking at its recommends list we see
that it just says x-terminal-emulator, so just a virtual package without
mentioning a real package first – aka apt is free to choose any provider
and happens to pick "the wrong one" just because.

Hence reassigning to lxpanel so they can add a "lxterminal |" (or any
other environment appropiate recommendation) if they/users aren't happy
with a random pick by apt.

(Yes, if apt would work differently that would be better "hidden" by
accident and apt might change in the distant future to "hide" it better,
but the problem remains if the user requested lxpanel instead of
lxde-core, so I leave it at no bug in apt)

Best regards

David Kalnischkies

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