Hello Leonardo,

On Fri, Apr 06, 2018 at 09:47:59AM +0200, Leonardo Canducci wrote:
> Package: kicad
> Version: 4.0.7+dfsg1-1
> Severity: important
> Dear Maintainer,
> when running pcbnew within kicad or on the command line I get lots of
> errors lihe this one (both in a dialog and in the shell):

currently I can't reproduce this on my side. No matter if run KiCad from
the UI or by the command line. I don't see any issues anythere.

> Assertion failed!
> ../src/common/object.cpp(251): assert "classTable->Get(m_className) == NULL" 
> failed in Register(): Class "wxCommandEvent" already in RTTI table - have you 
> used IMPLEMENT_DYNAMIC_CLASS() multiple times or linked some object file 
> twice)?

This looks a bit like problems with python-wxgtk3.0. A error message
like this mostlx comes from using the wrong symbol usage due different
linking of wxpython vs wxwidgets (GTK2 vs. GTK3).

To dig more into this some inspection with GDB would be needed around
the symbols around the assertation.

> Many more errors come after, all reporting 
> "../src/common/object.cpp(251): assert "classTable->Get(m_className) == NULL"
> Anyway pcbnew doesn't start.
> I've tried installing kicad 5 from experimental but pcbnew won't start
> either.  

As you also have problems with the packages from experimental too I
assume you have more a problem with local modification than with the
KiCad packages itself.
You also have apparmor enabled, did the problems still exists if you
have apparmor disabled? Are any apparmor related logging entries
vissible that let you assume apparmor could be the root of the problems?


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