Hello Leonardo,

On Fri, Apr 06, 2018 at 11:31:38AM +0200, Leonardo Canducci wrote:
> 2018-04-06 11:03 GMT+02:00 Carsten Schoenert <c.schoen...@t-online.de>:
> > As you also have problems with the packages from experimental too I
> > assume you have more a problem with local modification than with the
> > KiCad packages itself.
> >
> Is there something I can do to track down what's wrong?

sure, but this depends on your local system and setup.
I don't know if you probaly have something modified on your installed
packages or installed from a different source or installed from source
anyhow as you dot gave some information about such adjustments.
There are various of possibilities that can provoke such a behavour.

The 4.0.7 is out there for a long time and you are the first person with
a bug report for long time, so it's more likely in my eyes that
something must be skrewed up on your system. You will need to use tools
like strace and gdb to track down which library is bringing up that

Can this issue be reproduced on other machines? At last I can't on my
two PCs here.
> > You also have apparmor enabled, did the problems still exists if you
> > have apparmor disabled? Are any apparmor related logging entries
> > vissible that let you assume apparmor could be the root of the problems?
> >
> Not that I can see. I didn't disable apparmor but I can't find anything
> related in
> aa-status output (attached).

This doesn't help that much, aa-status tells you just which profiles are

You need to look at the syslog to see if the kernel or the apprmor
process is complaining about something.



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