Control: found -1 1.20.0-2

Patch refreshed.

Description: Stop setting TERM
 TERM should be set by libvte by default, do not override it.
 See also:
Author: astian <>

Last-Update: 2018-04-06

--- mate-terminal-1.20.0.orig/src/terminal-screen.c
+++ mate-terminal-1.20.0/src/terminal-screen.c
@@ -1440,8 +1440,6 @@ get_child_environment (TerminalScreen *s
 	g_hash_table_remove (env_table, "LINES");
 	g_hash_table_remove (env_table, "MATE_DESKTOP_ICON");
-	g_hash_table_replace (env_table, g_strdup ("TERM"), g_strdup ("xterm")); /* FIXME configurable later? */
 	/* FIXME: moving the tab between windows, or the window between displays will make the next two invalid... */
 	g_hash_table_replace (env_table, g_strdup ("WINDOWID"), g_strdup_printf ("%ld", GDK_WINDOW_XID (gtk_widget_get_window (window))));
 	g_hash_table_replace (env_table, g_strdup ("DISPLAY"), g_strdup (gdk_display_get_name (display)));

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