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Kyle Edwards:
> [...]
> Just tested it, and I like it.

Thanks. :)

I am glad it worked. :)

> One thing I did notice is that if your project doesn't have tests, you
> have to turn on nocheck when switching to cmake+ninja, because the ninja
> buildsystem fails if no "test" target exists (the makefile buildsystem
> seems to silently ignore the failure.) I don't think this is a
> deal-breaker, but it is something to keep in mind when switching to
> ninja. Perhaps this could be filed as a separate bug.

Mmm, the reason why make does not fail is that we have a crude (but
functional) way to tell if a makefile target exists.  But we do not have
that for ninja and honestly, I have no idea how we would make it either.

If you have an idea, I would be happy to look at implementing it.

> Thank you for the quick response! I hope to see this in debhelper soon.
> Kyle

Indeed; merged for debhelper 11.2.


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