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Date: Sat, 7 Apr 2018 18:02:33 +0800
From: Yanhao Mo <yanha...@gmail.com>
To: Adam Borowski <kilob...@angband.pl>
Subject: Re: Bug#895032: RFS: deepin-music/3.1.8-1 [ITP]
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On Sat 04/07 03:32, Adam Borowski wrote:
> Thus, I think it'd be a lot better to, instead of painstakingly documenting
> every bit in that dir, remove it (for example via "Files-Excluded" in the
> watch file to automatically repack upstream tarballs).  This would also make
> the Security Team like you a lot more, as such "convenience copies" make
> their life hard as every problem requires searching the whole archive for
> copies of a library that needs to be updated.  And these days, sometimes
> packages get outright rejected, turning what used to be merely "best
> practice" to fully mandatory.

Hi Adam,
Thanks for the guidance, I have fix this according this solution.

> The only other issue is a nitpick: the short description shouldn't be
> capitalized unless you mean something named "Awesome".  You might also tone
> down the wording a wee bit.

and this is fixed as well, Please consider recheck it.

Yanhao Mo

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Yanhao Mo

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