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On Sat, 2018-03-31 at 19:04 +0200, alberto wrote:
> I see that in the list of supported models (/etc/qcontdol.conf) the 212P is
> missing but if I start the daemon manually (service qcontrold start) 
> everything
> works.  I assume the problem is not the model but something weird in the
> integration of qcontrol with systemd (I found that the same happened in jessie
> but I never used at that time).

Thanks for you report.

I need a few more pieces of information please in order to make this

 * The full contents of the /proc/device-tree/model special file
 * The output of running the command:

      grep "Hardware[[:space:]]*:" /proc/cpuinfo
 * If /etc/qcontrol.conf is a symlink then the name of the file it
   points to.
 * If /etc/qcontrol.conf is not a symlink then its full contents.

It's possible that this is a dup of #852127, but in any case please
provide the above.


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