Hi Niels,

> Thanks for having a look at this.

Thanks for the review. I've updated my patch here:


> I have one design concern; I think the blacklist should be global
> not per archive.

ACK, updated.

> On the more minor side of things, I would have liked to see lintian
> still record the packages that are blacklisted.

In lieu of marking them as such on the reports, I've made it spit out log
messages when it skips something. (For the offending packages, it will at
least still show "processed with Lintian $very_old_version" so it should
not be /too/ magic.)

> We will probably want to map the blacklist into a hashref so we can do
> O(1) testing to see if a source is blacklisted if the blacklist grows
> more than a handful of packages.

I hope this is unnecessary too (!), but I'm a bit stubborn so have
implemented it regardless.

Looking forward to your feedback... :)

Best wishes,

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