Today I went to approve (a dm_ga
proces) and the website provided me with this template:

|Please create a porter account for Tim Lunn (currently a DM).
|  First name:       Tim
|  Middle name:      -
|  Last name:        Lunn
|  Key fingerprint:  0E0880479A6F1063372395275B39C0A1153ACABA
|  Current status:   Debian Maintainer
|  Target keyring:   Debian Maintainer, with guest account
|  Username:         darkxst
|  Forward email:
|  Details:
|Tim Lunn has accepted the DMUP in a signed statement.
|Details from darkxst
|  I recently uploaded librsvg to experimental, it failed to build on a
|  number of arches. I would like to request access to porter boxes so I can
|  investigate and collect more detailed logs (for test failures) to file
|  upstream bug reports.
|  To start with request arch's are arm64, ppc64el and s390x.
|Thank you,
|Mattia Rizzolo (as DAM)

* it didn't seem to use the template that I can see in
  public/templates/public/process-ga-rt.html where would more useful
  - access period
  - hosts/archs
* it has a "Target keyring" that doesn't make sense for this request
* it hardcoded "DAM" in the signature: it should either stick to FD (as
  that's the access level required) or pick either one according to who
  processes the request

OTOH the template at public/templates/public/process-ga-rt.html (other
than hard coding "DAM") lack some info that are in this template, like:
 - current status (ok, it's in the heading, but …)
 - details

I can't imagine what happened that apparently mixed up the templates (?!
I'm probably missing something important..) but probably the duplication
should be avoided.

                        Mattia Rizzolo

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