*Hi, I have done:1. cp /etc/gosa/gosa.conf.orig /etc/gosa/gosa.conf**2. sh
-c “cat /dev/null > /etc/gosa/gosa.secrets” - and also try rm
 /etc/gosa/gosa.secrets -3. create /bin/gosa-encrypt-passwords -as the
correct encryption method said in link-4. service apache2 reloadbut i get
the same problem: "Error while connecting to LDAP: Could not bind to
cn=gosa-admin,ou=ldap-access,dc=skole,dc=skolelinux,dc=no (unauthenticated
bind (DN with no password) disallowed, while operating on using LDAP server
ldap://ldap.intern)"something is still not working, what is it??The problem
should be in:a. How i do the step: use plan passsord in gosa.conf?b. Must
/bin/gosa-encrypt-passwords** have special permissions? I set it even
777.c. How i set web-server configuration**?i need gosa just tu creat user
with CSVThanks.*

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