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Dear Release Team,

For package dde-qt-dbus-factory, upstream has released a new version
with bumped SONAME (libdframeworkdbus1 -> libdframeworkdbus2). Thus I
am requesting a transition approval here before the new version gets
uploaded into Unstable.

All the reverse dependencies are under Debian Deepin Packaging Team
and will be coordinated inside the team. To be more concrete, affected
packages are:

% LANG=C apt rdepends libdframeworkdbus1
Reverse Depends:
  Depends: deepin-menu
  Depends: libdframeworkdbus1-dbgsym (= 0.4.2-2)
  Depends: libdtkwidget2
  Depends: libdframeworkdbus-dev (= 0.4.2-2)

Transition tracker entry:

I will handle all reverse dependencies to complete the transition.

Boyuan Yang

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