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Source: network-manager-applet
Version: 1.8.4-1
Severity: wishlist
Tags: upstream patch
User: pkg-ayatana-de...@lists.alioth.debian.org
Usertags: ayatanaindicators

Dear maintainer,

attached you find a .debdiff that enables Indicator support in Network
Manager Applet (GNOME) on Debian.

The Debian + Ubuntu MATE Packaging Team are currently working on porting
Ubuntu Indicators to a distro-independent state. This is done under a new
upstream umbrella (https://github.com/AyatanaIndicators).

For Network Manager Applet (GNOME), we would love to see Indicator
support being enabled on Debian systems. As the Ubuntu Indicators in
Debian are severely unmaintained, please switch to Ayatana Indicators
when enabling Indicator support for your package.

A Network Manager Applet that has been built against Ayatana Indicators will
also work as-is on top of Ubuntu Indicators as found in Ubuntu.

Would you consider forwarding this request upstream?
I don't really want to maintain this as a downstream patch.

Sure, I can do that. In fact, my bug report has two parts: enable AppIndicator support and switch over from Ubuntu AppIndicator to Ayatana AppIndicator.

Don't expect any more work on that before the 16th Apr, I am currently on garden VAC.

Applications that support AppIndicator / SNI will enhance multiple desktops: Kde5, Gnome (with extension), Budgie, MATE, Xfce. LXQt is currently looking into SNI support, too.

So, application indicators are more commonly spread than system indicators. Network Manager Applet is in the realm of applicatipn indicators.

The system indicators (sound, session, datetime, keyboard, etc.) can enhance MATE, XFCE and Budgie for now. LXQt people are looking into that, too, afaih. Unity7 can't work without system indicators. The people from UBports (Unity8) also rely on system indicators. In Unity8, a switch to Ayatana Indicators is under investigation.

That aside, which desktops in Debian would benefit from Ayatana
Indicators support?

Answered above...



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