Hi Alexander,

I am a member of pkg-deepin.

Process porting all deepin softwares (include the whole Deepin Desktop
Environment as well as deepin applications) are still active, and there
are still a lot of work need to be done. As a work team(pkg-deepin team)
we want our all packages under one umbrella to make the whole process easy
to track. And we also need this list for communicate between our
members, that will make our work easier. Although there are few messages
now on pkg-deepin-de...@lists.alioth.debian.org now, but if the Deepin
softwares gaining more debian users, we need a list for users seeking
help from us conveniently. And if we lose it, we will have to pay
much of extra attentions to find an workaround. That's painful. So
since the coming of shutdown of Alioth we really need a new mail list
to make our work still smoothly as before.

Yanhao Mo

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