2018-04-06 18:07 GMT+08:00 Jonas Smedegaard <d...@jones.dk>:
> Package points to Github as its homepage.
> That is wrong in two ways: Github page lists itself at first line as a mirror 
> only, and canonical page is not really Homepage for the code project, only 
> revision control location.
> Correct homepage is https://www.deepin.org/en/original/deepin-picker/
> Please adjust the package metadata.
>  - Jonas

As you can see, the page is poorly maintained and less informational,
except the URLs for external resources. And this homepage URL is
approved by Deepin developer team, see

The github is a mirror in the sense of a mirror of deepin cr site. The
deepin cr site has a relatively low bandwidth and experiences out of
service from time to time, so that is not recommended for public

So we believe the github page might be the better nomination for the
homepage field. But if you think it's still wrong, this is discussable
and feel free to reply and give your opinions.


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