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Chris Lamb <la...@debian.org> wrote:

> Hi Neil,
> > $ /usr/share/lava-server/debian-dev-build.sh -p lava-server  
> I tried building as per your instructions but it starting re-cloning
> a bunch of stuff within the chroot, after installing fuse, grub, node
> etc. etc. …

It's simply cloning the debian/ directory out of the git packaging
repo. This is an upstream script for upstream developers.

> Could you simply provide this lava-dev .deb somewhere publically? :)



> > the upstream helper script builds whatever is in the git working
> > tree, without fussing about uncommitted changes like git-bp.  
> As an aside: I understand that git-buildpackage is not for everyone,
> but here is a great example of where common, shared tools would really
> have a benefit and would save this round trip to fixing this issue. I
> mean, this script seems a *lot* more fuss than just committing first
> or passing --git-ignore-new … !)

This isn't about git-ignore anything, this is about building upstream
packages with (sometimes) untested and uncommitted upstream changes to
be able to do the testing prior to and during code review. Making
debian/patches for that is a complete nonsense. This script is for
upstream work with static Debian packaging. Same process is then used
to build the nightly builds which are used for functional testing well
before any release. Debian tooling is completely useless for all of
that upstream work, indeed dpkg is actively obstructive - hence the
need for the lava-dev scripts.


Neil Williams

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