Control: reassign -1 src:kdesu
Control: severity -1 wishlist
Control: retitle -1 Please use the su backend (instead of sudo) by default

On Monday, 9 April 2018 01:58:15 CEST Alex Hvostov wrote:
> Package: kde-cli-tools
> Version: 4:5.10.5-2

> kde-cli-tools 4:5.12.4-1 has a hard dependency on kdesu, which
> indirectly depends on sudo, making it impossible to upgrade KDE without
> creating a serious, unnecessary security risk.

We clearly disagree on considering sudo a security concern. At least, not from 
the kde packaging point of view. I'm downgrading the severity value to 

>From the packaging point of view, the kdesu links against libkf5su5, thus the 
hard dependency, that's not a bug in kde-cli-tools. And in turn libkf5su5 uses 
sudo by default [1]. So, I'm reassigning this bug to src:kdesu.

> Frankly, I consider it a bug that sudo is available in Debian at all.
> Others obviously disagree, but that's no reason to tie unrelated
> packages to it like this.

> Please move kdesu into its own package, and make it optional again.
The kdesu tool isn't optional, it's even used by kio to handle certain 
desktop files.

> In the mean time, others with my concern can mitigate this risk by
> neutralizing sudo before installing it. To do that, run the following
> command (as root) before installing sudo:
> # dpkg-statoverride --add root root 644 /usr/bin/sudo

Or replacing sudo with a locally equivs generated package, or rebuilding 
libkf5su5 without the sudo dependency and defaulting back to su.

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