On Mon, Apr 09, 2018 at 20:43:33 +0200, marek wrote:
> To reproduce:
> you need serial port device and Internet connection to download instrument-
> control package
> install packages octave and liboctave-dev
> apt-get install octave liboctave-dev
> run Octave gui
> in Octave command line call:
> pkg install -forge instrument-control
> expected behaviour:
> script onInit is terminated
> actual behaviour:
> in Command Window following line is written for each ctrl+c pressed
> srl_read: Interrupting...
> It is also not possible to terminate GNU Octave gui by closing its window, or
> clicking File/Exit or hitting ctrl+q.

This looks to me like it is not really a bug in Octave, but in the
instrument-control Forge package, which is not yet packaged in Debian.

In particular, the instrument-control package intentionally overrides
Octave's signal handling capabilities to handle interrupts on its own.

Normally, Octave would handle a SIGINT by breaking out of the running
loop or script or function entirely and returning control to the prompt.
But because of the instrument-control package hijacking SIGINT handling,
this normal behavior doesn't happen and Octave continues running.

I would recommend that you close this bug, since it is not a bug in
Octave as packaged by Debian, and work with the instrument-control
package developer to resolve this issue.


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