> Due to HTTPS hosting requirements, lists.pantsfullofunix.net redirects to
> https://pantsfullofunix-net.lists.madduck.net/. Unfortunately, listadmin is
> unable to follow the redirection:
> fetching data for recl...@lists.pantsfullofunix.net ...
> ERROR: fetching http://lists.pantsfullofunix.net/mailman/admindb/reclass
> ERROR: 301 Moved Permanently -- skipping list
> Could this easily be fixed?

On line 31 of listadmin.pl (or /usr/bin/listadmin in the debian package) you 
use Net::INET6Glue::INET_is_INET6;

What happens if you add the following new line below that (and install the 
WWW::Mechanize perl module)?
use WWW::Mechanize

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