> When shutting down davmail, and restarting it, we often get
> Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.TooManyObjectsOpenedExceptions when the
> client (Thunderbird) reconnects.
> This even happens when exiting Thunderbird before killing davmail.
> ==> Apparently davmail doesn't close its sessions with Exchange, neither
> when its client (Thunderbird) closes the session, nor when it exits
> (should catch the signal).

Let me quote upstream here:
    I can confirm that DavMail does not close EWS sessions... however
I didn't find any API calls to do this. Those users probably have
large folders with in progress sync on DavMail shutdown.
    I would recommend setting DavMail folder size limit to reduce
Exchange load, and/or change Thunderbird to sync less folders and use
less parallel connections.

My understanding is that there's not much we can do on this. Do the
recommendations work around the problem?
- setting davmail folder size limit
- Thunderbird setup


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