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Package: plasma-workspace
Version: 4:5.12.4-1
Severity: normal

The Plasma lockscreen displays start/stop/forward/backward controls when an
media player application like VLC, Amarok or SMPlayer is active.
It was previously impossible to disable these controls.

In Plasma 5.12.2, a system setting was introduced that allows enabling and
disabling the feature.
In the Debian version of lockscreen however, these settings aren't shown, for
an unknown reason.

The original KDE bug report is here:
A user confirmed that the setting indeed doesn't appear in Debian and Ubuntu,
but it works fine in Neon and Arch Linux.

Please fix this bug as soon as possible.

I can't reproduce the issue here. I see the Show media controls option in the Screen Locking / Appearance kcm interface.

Just to be certain, have you tried restarting the session after upgrading plasma-workspace?

Versions of packages plasma-workspace depends on:

Given that the files mentioned in the bug are under a breeze related path, it might be possible that breeze is implied in this bug.

Somehow breeze was not included in the generated list, could you please check and include the output of:
apt policy breeze breeze-cursor-theme breeze-dev kde-style-breeze 
kwin-style-breeze qml-module-qtquick-controls-styles-breeze

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