Package: ayatana-indicator-power
Version: 2.0.93-2
Severity: normal

While checking what gnome-power-manager does and whether it's still a
desirable package to have, I tried asking
what runs its one remaining binary (gnome-power-statistics). It appears
that ayatana-indicator-power tries to run gnome-power-statistics in
GNOME and Unity sessions. However, it does not have a (strong or weak)
dependency on the gnome-power-manager package, and neither do GNOME
metapackages other than gnome-session-flashback.

(I'm also a little concerned that this

      char *cmd = g_strconcat ("gnome-power-statistics", " --device ",
                               g_variant_get_string (param, NULL), NULL);
      execute_command (cmd);

might be susceptible to unintended shell injection. Please consider
using an argv-based API like GSubprocess, or at least quote arguments
that are interpolated into a /bin/sh command with g_shell_quote().)


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