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On Fri, 2018-04-06 at 07:18:49 +0200, Niels Thykier wrote:
> Package: dpkg
> Version:
> Severity: minor

> There are some examples in Dpkg::Version that (if followed) would
> imply that the problem will reject the version number "0" despite it
> being valid.
> Example:
> """
>     boolean evaluation
>         When the Dpkg::Version object is used in a boolean evaluation (for 
> example in "if ($v)" or "$v || 'default'") it returns its string 
> representation if the
>         version stored is valid ($v->is_valid()) and undef otherwise.
> """
> This gives "surprising" results for version 0, which has a string
> value that is considered false.  To improve the correctness of the
> examples.  I have come to the following alternative examples:
>           -> "if (defined($v) and $v->is_valid())"
>           -> "$v // 'default'"
> Sadly, the "if"-case is no longer elegant but that is the best I could
> come up with that worked if $v is possibly undef and still have it
> work.  However, it no longer serves as a good example for "boolean
> evaluation" (but neither did the original if you want to support the
> version "0").

As mentioned on IRC, the current behavior is just broken, and it was
changed from the correct and expected one to fix a problem in
dpkg-shlibdeps, instead of fixing it there and avoiding breaking
Dpkg::Version users.

I've fixed this now locally, while also making the code emit a warning
so that users can notice the semantic change, it will be possible to
do a targetted silencing of the warning, once the code has been
verified or fixed.


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