Sorry, I mixed things up.

On Debian Testing libsdl2-dev (2.0.8+dfsg1-1) supports multiarch and 
it's libxkbcommon-dev that ruins it for everyone (see bug 893855).

But I'm also working on a Debian 9.4 VM and there libsdl2-dev 
2.0.5+dfsg1-2 does not support multiarch.

I got confused and thought both issues had the same source. So while I'd 
still really like libsdl2-dev to support multiarch in Debian Stable 
(because that's what people are told to use after all and it would be 
consistent with point 4 of the Social Contract[1]), I can understand 
if this bug gets closed.

[1] We will be guided by the needs of our users and the free software 
    community. We will place their interests first in our priorities. We 
    will support the needs of our users for operation in many different 
    kinds of computing environments.

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