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 ❦ 17 août 2017 10:21 +0200, Simon Ruderich <> :

> Package: kpatch
> Version: 0.3.2-3.1
> Severity: normal
> Tags: patch
> Hello,
> The version of kpatch in Sid is quite old and doesn't work with
> the current kernel. Please consider updating to the latest
> upstream version. However it seems that 0.4.0 (latest release) is
> not recent enough, so consider using the latest Git version (e.g.
> 4b2f20e) which works fine me.


As the package is not currently usable with our kernel, or even the
one in stable, I am bumping the severity. Since you already worked a
lot on this, would you be interested to prepare an upload for 0.5.0? If
yes, we could sort out how to organize that.
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