retitle 870787 liboss4-salsa*: please add six snd_{midi,seq}_* functions
affects 870787 src:portmidi

Hello again,

we also need the following symbols in oss-salsa:

• snd_midi_event_encode_byte
• snd_midi_event_free
• snd_midi_event_new
• snd_seq_delete_port
• snd_seq_disconnect_from

These are required to build src:portmidi, which is a new
dependency of src:musescore, and thus extending the scope
of this bugreport instead of creating a new one. Just to
remind, we also need this:

• snd_seq_event_length

Please d̲o̲ provide this!

Small side note: perhaps, given enough functions in oss-salsa,
portaudio19 could also use it, achieving feature parity. (Which
is why I Cc’d its maintainers as well.)

Thanks in advance,
21:12⎜<Vutral> sogar bei opensolaris haben die von der community so
ziemlich jeden mist eingebaut │ man sollte unices nich so machen das
desktopuser zuviel intresse kriegen │ das macht die code base kaputt
21:13⎜<Vutral:#MirBSD> linux war früher auch mal besser :D

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