The repo is now on salsa:

I have just updated it with upstream's latest release (1.5.1).

W.r.t. the previous time I looked (version 1.2.1 in 2017-10) the dependencies 
have not changed much:
- Upgraded: 
  - babel-runtime from ^6.0.0 to ^6.26.0
  - is-builtin-module from ^1.0.0 to ^2.0.0
- New:
  - deepequal ("Deep comparison of two variables")

While for the build dependencies:
- Dropped:
  - babel-preset-es2015-node4
  - babel-preset-node5
- New:
  - babel-preset-env
  - babel-preset-flow
  - jsinspect
- Upgraded:
  - babel-core from ^6.24.1 to ^6.26.0
  - execa from ^0.7.0 to ^0.9.0
  - gulp-babel from ^6.0.0 to ^7.0.0
  - jest from ^20.0.4 to ^21.2.1

Furthermore, babel-eslint, eslint-plugin-jest, eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y and 
eslint-plugin-relay have been moved from the deps to the build deps.

In the meantime I did:
- ITP for node-babel-plugin-array-includes
- RFS for node-babel-plugin-transform-inline-imports-commonjs and node-yn
- node-puka and node-dnscache are ready for the upload but I'm waiting to RFS 
that node-rollup-plugin-babel and node-asap go through the NEW queue.

I also updated the task page

Assuming some dependencies can be skipped:
- jest, flow, flow-bin, commitizen and cz-conventional-changelog: these seem 
tools required for the upstream development workflow
- cmd-shim: should be required only on windows

Some build dependencies are still missing:

- node-babel-plugin-array-includes
- node-flow-bin ("Binary wrapper for Flow - A static type checker for 
JavaScript" used for lint command)
- node-gulp-watch (likely required only for development to run gulp when files 
- node-jest ("Delightful JavaScript Testing")
- node-jsinspect ("Detect structural similarities in your code Keywords", used 
in the dupe-check command)
- node-mock-stdin, used in __tests__/reporters/_mock.js


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