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> Greetings,
> Love version 11.0.0 was just released a few days ago with some new features 
> and it is no longer backwards compatible with love 0.10.2. I've noticed this 
> package is still on 0.9.1 which was released just over 4 years ago now. I was 
> wondering what needs to be worked on to get this up to date so that we can 
> hopefully have the new version of love shipping with Debian 10. I'd be more 
> than happy to help package it or resolve problems with packaging it if that 
> is needed as I use love2d on Debian daily.
> (11.0.0 wasn't a typo they changed their versioning system to better reflect 
> the projects state with semantic versioning.)


thanks for your interest in Debian's love package.

Love 0.10 is almost already. The preliminary work can be found at


More information about what should be fixed are here:


In short: The debian/copyright file should be up-to-date and ideally the
enet and box2d libraries should not be embedded and system libraries be
used instead.

Love must be buildable from source of course (see #873329) and its only
reverse-dependency mrrescue should be tested whether it still works with
newer versions or if any adjustments are needed.

After that packaging 11.0.0 would be nice or you could skip 0.10
completely and fix all the things I mentioned above in 11.0.0. Most
importantly love needs a maintainer who cares about it.



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