Package: gitlab
Severity: normal

Hi, this feature is not included in the CE version. Here it says the following

Introduced in [GitLab Edition Premium]( 
Available for Starter, Premium and Ultimate
[versions]( since 10.6.

The MR that adds this feature is here and the related
issue As
you can see it says

"Since this is targeting larger organizations, it will be `EE Premium`."

Debian is a large organization... Can we ask for this feature as Debian Project
to Gitlab? or we have to patch it and maintain a fork of gitlab forever? I
understand that the policy is not patching gitlab if possible. But I think in
this case, it would be really useful for us. Because we are going to have
really similar pipelines between projects and I am sure we can unify this and
maintain one generic pipeline for most of the packages or at least per
maintainer. I already have two projects with the same CI pipeline at this
moment. I'll be migrating the rest of my packages and they will share the same
pipeline so I have to keep a copy updated on every project...

PS: I've created an issue on salsa[0] for this. I think it applies as a feature
request. Please let me know if here is the correct place to discuss this and
I'll close the issue on salsa.



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