Quoting Laura Arjona Reina (larj...@debian.org):
> Hello
> The material data has not been updated, there are more packages
> producing errors.
> I've added them as exceptions to the config file, to workaround the
> issue (as with my previous patch).
> Christian, do you mind to update again the repo in tye, to see if
> tomorrow the material data is produced?
> I wouldn't mind to join the debian-i18n unix group so I can do it
> myself, if that's ok with you too, but I'm not sure about the procedure.
> Thanks!

I just "git pulled" again.

And I launched thte
/srv/i18n.debian.org/etc/cron.d/10gen-material-unstable script
manually, just to see what happens. Indeed, we get a daily cron
message which I (sadly) ignored for ages.....that's quite probably the

debian-i18n crontab on tye has:

but it seems that all of us are ignoring these mails nowadays.

I don't remember how one can be added to the right group on Debian
machines and be allowed to "sudo" to debian-i18n. I suspect this
should be done with a ticket to the Debian admin team.

At minimum, I can add your mail address to this crontab, Laura, tthat
may help....

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