Hello Fabián,

Am 14.04.18 um 08:42 schrieb Fabián Inostroza:
> Hi,
> I'm running debian testing and the problem is there also, I'm using
> testing packages only.
> The package python-wxgtk3.0 was updated to on
> 2018-04-10, reverting to fixes the problem.

no, it solves the problem not. This is just a workaround to be able to
get the existing old packages in testing working again. The current
state in testing for KiCad is RC buggy and once someone is open up a bug
report about this the kicad packages will get removed from testing if we
can't get rid of such RC things before.

As written in this report I'm not intending to spend any work on the old
version of KiCad in testing and use my time for getting the next version
of KiCad packaged. I have no time to do both.

Once the RC2 of KiCad5 is released I will upload this to unstable
instead of experimental. So I want to suggest to test the packages in
experimental right now as they will get into unstable in the near future.

Otherwise it's currently better to use stable if you want KiCad to use
on a stable base. But without testers and bug triage on KiCad5 it will
take a long time to get KiCad5 into testing.


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