Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

I intend to adopt the storebackup package.

I still created a package at, including the newest
upstream version and closing some bugs. Maybe there's someone out there
who wants to review and sponsor it. Oh, btw... I could need a mentor in
order to become a DM (or DD) someday :)

The source package is downloadable at

The package description is:
 Copies directory hierarchies recursively into another location,
 by date (e.g.  /home/ => /var/bkup/2002.12.13_04.27.56/).
 Permissions are preserved, so users with access to the backup
 directory can recover their files themselves.
 File comparisons are done with MD5 checksums, so no changes go
 Hard-links unchanged backuped files to old versions and
 identical files within the backuped tree.
 Compresses large files (that don't match exclusion patterns).

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