Source: trivial-gray-streams
Version: 20180311.git425aeca-2
Severity: normal
Usertags: regression

With the upload of trivial-gray-streams version 20180311.git425aeca-2
the autopkgtest doesn't depend on cl-asdf anymore (according to the
changelog). However when the autopkgtest of trivial-gray-streams version
20180311.git425aeca-2 is run¹ in the testing suite it fails with:

autopkgtest [21:27:02]: test command3: clisp -norc
autopkgtest [21:27:02]: test command3: [-----------------------
*** - LOAD: A file with name asdf does not exist

The autopkgtest in unstable is running fine², which suggests there is a
versioned dependency missing somewhere. With my limited knowledge of the
package, I don't know if this is only an issue in the autopkgtest
definition, or in the package itself.

Please investigate the issue.



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