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> (I am not very familiar with Debian packaging. So sorry if I missed any
> rules/etc.)

The first one you should be aware of is that bug submitters and random
folks commenting on a bug are not subscribed to the bug by default.
So you should CC bugs submitters and anyone who replies to bugs.

For the rest, check out this page if you haven't yet:


> Anyway I think it would be a good idea to offer more options to the users.
> The tools use a different dictionaries, they perform differently in
> different environments and their features sets are not exactly the same
> either.


> Generally I would be happy to do the "grunt work".
> Just I think I would need a few pointers.

Great, start with the page above.

> I tried to prepare the debian folder, but I assume it may have some
> bugs/inconsistencies.

To start with, please check your .changes file using lintian:


You might also want to run check-all-the-things against the code:


> At the moment the project does not really have a mature versioning policy
> either, but I am happy to introduce something, just not too sure which one
> would be the best.

That is completely up to you, but semver is a popular one:


> And probably a few other similar questions. (At least what I am aware of.
> :-) )

Feel free to ask packaging questions on the mentors list or irc channel:


PS: check-all-the-things includes several checkers of English spelling,
grammar and prose. It could also support your misspell-fixer tool:




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