On Sun, 2018-04-15 at 16:03 +0200, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> * Axel Sommerfeldt <axel.sommerfe...@f-m.fm> [2018-04-14 22:07]:
> > Just a reminder that this bug is still a thing. And yes, the model
> can be found in uLinux.conf:
> Ian, do you think it's worth asking the release team if they'd allow
> an update for this in stable?

I think it is premature to consider that question without a specific
fix in unstable to be backported in order to make the argument/decision
based on it.

>   Since stretch is likely to be the last
> version to support these devices, it might be worth it.  OTOH, since
> it's easy to fix by users, it might not be worth pushing more code
> in.

I think /etc/qcontrol.conf is a conffile for a good reason and folks
can and should edit it to support their specific system if need be
without feeling like they are doing something "wrong".

That said, if there are modifications which can be made to the existing
config file installed on this variant which would minimise the
modifications i.e. by adding a simple "has_a_fan = true" which affected
people can set to false then that is something to consider doing I

> Getting the right device from /etc/mtdblock5 is easy, but I've no 
> idea how to change the config based on that.

I think you mean /dev/mtdblock5? While mounting that to extract the
configuration might in theory be "easy" I think it is a whole new set
of code which would now need to be written, debugged etc for qcontrol,
which doesn't currently do anything as invasive as mounting or touching
devices which are not "owned" in any sense by the Debian installation.
I'm not even sure it would be within policy for a package to do that
sort of thing in a postinst and I'd certainly be very wary of it going

I don't personally have time to work on that (nor a device to test with
in any case) but I'd be happy to look at a tested and well documented

> Ian, it seems the git repo is out of date (has 0.5.5-2 while unstable
> has 0.5.5-3).  The VCS headers are out of date too now with Salsa.

The repo on salsa is up to date I believe, please let me know if not.

I was waiting to have some other reason to upload before fixing the Vcs
fields. The redirector is working for some but not all of them (I
forget which of http and git is working vs broken).


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