>You'd just "git merge -X theirs 0.5.6", edit the changelog, and then run
>./debian/rules gen-orig-xz
>to generate the new orig tarball based on the new upstream tag.

the tarball didn't change, same 
0d0cbcde2ed8e903bf0da729fd385663  ../python-msgpack_0.5.6.orig.tar.xz
0d0cbcde2ed8e903bf0da729fd385663  ../build-area/python-msgpack_0.5.6.orig.tar.xz

as before.

Probably because I removed the files from the git repo, restored debian 
directory and untarred the new
upstream tarball generated last time (with fetch upstream remote, after a bump 
of changelog file)
>Please do *NOT* upload using the upstream tarball. If you did, then
>please dcut it.

it seems not the case!
looking at the code:
git tag -v $(GIT_TAG) || true
if [ ! -f ../$(DEBPKGNAME)_$(VERSION).orig.tar.xz ] ; then \
git archive --prefix=$(DEBPKGNAME)-$(VERSION)/ $(GIT_TAG) | xz 
>../$(DEBPKGNAME)_$(VERSION).orig.tar.xz ; \
[ ! -e ../build-area ] && mkdir ../build-area || true
[ ! -e ../build-area/$(DEBPKGNAME)_$(VERSION).orig.tar.xz ] && cp 
../$(DEBPKGNAME)_$(VERSION).orig.tar.xz ../build-area

I would say this can't change just because I did merge something in master, 
since git archive is based on the same upstream tag.

I hope I did read it correctly, and the workflow is completely correct, also 
git history should be ok now

lets see how the merge looks!



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