> Now that mpich builds on all arches, it could be a good opportunity to 
> review and discuss whether we want to keep openmpi as the default
> default, or whether we want to switch to mpich.
> Again historically, openmpi had more bugs than mpich, mainly because it
> was trying to do more things (support more arches, for instance).
> We seem to have convergence at this point in time.  OpenMPI has now 
> fixed the old egregious bugs, while mpich now supports many arches.
> So you could say it doesn't really matter which one we one we choose,
> except perhaps for particular specific HPC configurations, where one
> implementation may have advantage over the other.  But Debian can't
> optimise for that, unless a survey can get back to us on which one
> better suits our actual HPC clients.
> Maybe we could swap the default MPI from release to release, to keep 
> them both lively.
> Drew
I'd favour switching over to mpich for all archs for this release. This
is because MPICH has the failed image support, OpenMPI hasn't.

Fortran 2018 (currently in gcc7 / gcc 8) provides failed image support
for co-arrays, but this requires that open-coarrays is built with mpich.

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