On Sat, 23 Apr 2016 23:02:35 +0000, Mattia Rizzolo wrote:

> So, I was toying with git repos on alioth and decided to try creating a
> repository literally named ☃.git and see how the tooling worked with it.
> Result has been a bug report to deb.li (ngnix reported a 500 error for
> the url containing ☃ ! :D) and this bug.
> This is the thing appeared on IRC:
> [10:25:52 PM] <KGB-1> Mattia Rizzolo master 6b451cb ☃ "\342\230\203" here 
> is a snowman for you! :P ☃ and another! ☃ * http://deb.li/byB7
> Here, the '☃' wanted to be a snowman!  We denied its future! :D
> That's the repository name, where apparently the single unicode
> character has been split in 3.
> And "\342\230\203" should be another snowman: that's the only file I
> modified.
> We checked that 0xE2 0x98 0x83 are the 3 bytes composing ☃ (0xE2 is â),
> and \342 \230 \203 is the octal representation of the same.
> So, I think there is something inside kgb chewing unicode characters
> thinking it's plain ascii, or something like that ;)

We've seen a few similar complaints about unicode in file names
with kgb-client run on Alioth. It was never quite clear if the
problem is in KGB (on the client or server side) or somewhere in git
/ on Alioth. Unicode in committers' names usually worked.

Now for the webhook and salsa integration, it looks good for names
and filenames:

05:01 -KGB-1:#debconf-team- Name1 Name2 (名义) (via Name1 Name2) master $hash dc18

(Names replaced and message shortened for privacy reasons.)

Now we would need a ☃.git repo on salsa too :)


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