* Ian Campbell <i...@debian.org> [2018-04-15 15:33]:
> > Ian, do you think it's worth asking the release team if they'd allow
> > an update for this in stable?
> I think it is premature to consider that question without a specific
> fix in unstable to be backported in order to make the argument/decision
> based on it.

Yes, absolutely.  Of course we have to fix it in unstable first.

> > Getting the right device from /etc/mtdblock5 is easy, but I've no 
> > idea how to change the config based on that.
> I think you mean /dev/mtdblock5? While mounting that to extract the

/dev/, yes.  But I agree with your concerns.

Anyway, after reading the bug log again and looking at the files,
here's what I think:

Devices affected:

* TS-109
* TS-109 II
* TS-119
* HS-210

The first two are ts-209 devices from the POV of qcontrol and the latter
two ts-219.

We have two problems:

1) fan_error() produces a beep.  Previous discussion suggests that turning
the fan off will make the fan_error() calls go away on devices without a
fan (at least on the TS-109).

Axel, can you restore the original config and 1) see if you get the beeps
and 2) whether running

    qcontrol fanspeed stop

makes them stop. (change setfan in the config to do nothing, otherwise
the fan will be turned on again)

2) We have temp_low()/temp_high() on ts-209 and temp() on ts-219 which
regulates the temperature by calling setfan().

So imho the easiest fix would be a) for the init script to run `qcontrol
fanspeed stop` if HAS_FAN=no and for setfan() to be modified to do nothing
if HAS_FAN=no.

It would be up to users to add HAS_FAN=no to /dev/default/qcontrol

Ian, does that sound reasonable?

Do you know if /etc/default is Debian-specific or generic?  I'm just
wondering if the qcontrol configs should read from /etc/default/qcontrol
(Google suggests Red Hat and SUSE have it too, so I guess that should
be ok.)

As a workaround, until this is fixed, users can create a file
/etc/qcontrol.d/90_no_fan with:

function fan_error(  )

function setfan( temp, speed )

I believe this should work but is completely untested. (Alex,
Christian, maybe you can test after restoring the original config.)

Martin Michlmayr

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