On Mon, Apr 16, 2018, at 20:12, Martin Michlmayr wrote:

> Axel, can you restore the original config and 1) see if you get the beeps
> and 2) whether running
>     qcontrol fanspeed stop
> makes them stop. (change setfan in the config to do nothing, otherwise
> the fan will be turned on again)

1) Done
2) "qcontrol fanspeed stop" makes the beeping stop

> Do you know if /etc/default is Debian-specific or generic?

It's not part of the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (3.0) but at least I can 
confirm that this directory exists in CentOS and Fedora, too, containing the 
files "grub" and "useradd".

> As a workaround, until this is fixed, users can create a file
> /etc/qcontrol.d/90_no_fan with:
> function fan_error(  )
> end
> function setfan( temp, speed )
> end
> I believe this should work but is completely untested. (Alex,
> Christian, maybe you can test after restoring the original config.)

Creating /etc/qcontrol.d/90-no-fan.conf with the content above makes the 
beeping stop, too.

Apr 16 21:08:59 qnap-backup qcontrol[330]: confdir: loading from 
Apr 16 21:08:59 qnap-backup qcontrol[330]: confdir: including 

Maybe it's a good idea to overwrite the temp() function in 
/etc/qcontrol.d/90-no-fan.conf, too? It could create a log entry if the 
temperature gets hot and make a beep (and a red blinking status led) if it gets 
too hot!?

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