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On Wed, 11 Apr 2018, dequis wrote:
> The old package tracker complains that my package is "severely out of
> date", while the new one thinks it is up to date and doesn't complain
> about anything.
> < pabs> IIRC the tracker code looks at the version of the debian-policy
> package

Right, the package tracker looks at the version of the debian-policy
package at the time of the upload of the package. But it fails to redo
the check for old packages once that a new debian-policy version is

If anyone wants to try to tackle this bug, the code is in

This would be easier to fix if Tasks had persistent data associated
to them (which is planned as part of but it's possible
to fix it already by detecting when debian-policy is among updated
packages (i.e. returned by get_packages_from_events()) and then decide
to reprocess all packages anyway.

In the mean time, I'm forcing a full run on all packages.

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