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Hi Mathieu,

Thanks for reporting issues you experience.

On 16-05-18 23:50, Mathieu Parent wrote:
> Since samba 2:4.8.1+dfsg-1, smb.conf is parsed and checked in
> samba-common-bin.postinst (See #816301 and [1]).
> This makes samba failing on with:
>     Checking smb.conf
>     WARNING: The "syslog" option is deprecated
>     netbios name SAMBA-1526494156 is not a valid netbios name
>     ERROR: Invalid smb.conf
>     dpkg: error processing package samba-common-bin (--configure):
> (
> NB: A valid NetBIOS name at most 15 chars of alphanum or " !#$%&'()-.@^_{}~".

I don't see debci (or autopkgtest) set any netbios name anywhere (tell
me where to look if you think it does, I checked for "netbios" and
"samba" case insensitive).

Furthermore, I don't think it is up to debci or autopkgtest to actually
set this at all, so if you need a (valid) netbios name in your test, you
should generate one yourself.

Or is it a mandatory variable to set for any computer? And where should
it be set then?


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