Hi Guido,

> > My suggestion of adding a --git-append-pbuilder-option could solve both
> > usecases:
> >  - you can use --git-pbuilder-options on the commandline to override all
> >    previously set options, including in gbp.conf
> >  - you can use --git-append-pbuilder-option to extend any previously set
> >    options.
> You would also need to define how option stack over the various gbp.conf
> files. I don't think we want to go down that road.
Hm? But isn't there some order defined already? Currently each time the
option is given it overrides the previous value, so that is similarly
dependent on the parse order (perhaps even more, since when you only use
append, the order is irrelevant). Or am I misunderstanding what you mean
by "stack"?



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