On 2018-05-14 23:03 +0200, Axel Beckert wrote:

> Sven Joachim wrote:
>> Many terminal emulators default to TERM=xterm-256color these days, for
>> instance those based on libvte-2.91 as well as KDE's konsole.  For
>> better or worse, screen then by default sets TERM to
>> screen.xterm-256color if the latter is present in the terminfo database.
>> Since terminal emulators setting TERM to xterm-256color are popular and
>> screen is popular, it follows that screen.xterm-256color is also popular
>> and thus should be included in ncurses-base.
> Confirmed. Had reports about that combination recently, too, IIRC from
> someone working on MacOS X locally.
>> Opinions from the screen maintainers (in X-Debbugs-CC) would be
>> welcome.
> Sounds like a good idea to me, with the similar drawbacks in mind:
>> The only downside I see is that one of the suggested workarounds for
>> #854414 (installing ncurses-term locally) does no longer work,
> There are also some cases, where uninstalling ncurses-term is a
> proposed solution, which then wouldn't help respectively uninstalling
> the according termcap entries will no more be possible.

Unless you go to some length with a dpkg path-exclude, but then that's a
bit more difficult to undo as uninstalling a package.  It's also trivial
to install the terminfo entry on the remote system $REMOTE:

infocmp screen.xterm-256color | ssh $REMOTE tic -

>> but I think uninstalling ncurses-term is not a great idea anyway.
> Same here, but I know that there are people who think otherwise, see
> e.g. https://pkgs.org/download/ncurses-term-considered-harmful

By their logic, adding entries to ncurses-base could also be harmful,
since they will likely not be available on remote systems for some time,
as servers tend to have older software than desktops.

Anyway, I'll add screen.xterm-256color to ncurses-base in the next
upload.  The ncurses-base package is badly outdated, it includes cruft
like xterm-r5 which nobody has been using for 15+ years but misses
terminfo entries which are popular today.


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