Source: dist
Version: 1:3.5-36.0001-3
Severity: wishlist

In order to package the upcoming release of perl, we need support
for metaconfig's -X which was added a few months ago (we now use dist to
validate the contents of Configure supplied upstream),

I've prepared updated packages, which you can see at
<>. I created the
orig tarball using git archive, after first manually running svn-revision
to create revision.h (as upstream is not creating release tarballs as
far as I can see).

The diff looked fairly reasonable with mostly formatting changes, and 
I have verified that we can reproduce the perl Configure using this version.

This will be a blocker for updating perl to 5.28, so it would be great if
this could be fixed soon. As mentioned by email in October, we in the
perl team are happy to assist with maintenance of this package, or take
it over, as you prefer. We can also NMU it if needed.

Thanks for your consideration,

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